pacman is a text based (although a “read-only” web gui exists) distribution configuration system that works out what software needs to go on what box. It takes much of the hard work out of daily distribution management. Pacman takes a set of configuration files as input and based on the rules produces a consistent list of packages for each target machine. This list is then used by subsequent programs to distribute the packages to those machines.

pacman is designed (in principle) to work with any unix based package and distrubtion system. In practice it has been configured for my own “kpackages” and distribution using CMU sup or my own pup. A trial Debian “apt-get” server front end has also been built.

The mostly-complete pacman user guide is attached. I’ll get around to uploading the source soon…. (interested readers are welcome to encourage me).

Pacman User Guide (version 0.2)